Tax policy and administration
Politica y Admnistracion tributaria

What do we do?

We support projects to strengthen the design and implementation of tax policies that improve the mobilization of resources through a more efficient and equitable tax system. We strengthen tax administrations including digital innovations in order to increase collection and improve their effectiveness and efficiency. We also strengthen tax administrations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of services to citizens and companies.

Action areas

  • Improve the designof tax system structures to collect better, emphasizing that the tax policy is neutral, sufficient, efficient, simple, and progressive
  • Expand the tax base by reducing informality, tax evasion and tax spending
  • Promote the taxation of the digital economy respecting the international agreements of the OECD, the G20 and other multilaterals, defending the inclusion and interests of LAC countries
  • Institutionally and technologically modernize tax administrations
  • Promote database crossing to allow third-parties detect, regardless of their return, self-employed and informal income, the biggest problem to reduce evasion
  • Incorporate data from electronic invoices and company records to be able to cross check, shareholders, and management of companies together with their billing


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