Macro fiscal management
Gestión macro fiscal

What do we do?

We support fiscal policies that reinforce sustained economic growth in a context of fiscal sustainability and macroeconomic stability. We promote institutional mechanisms and analytical and human resource capacities to limit the misuse of discretionary policy, thus contributing to fiscal solvency and stabilization.

Action areas

  • Reduce the bias of fiscal policy with rules, design and implementation of structural and non-structural fiscal rules and fiscal responsibility laws
  • Strengthen fiscal discipline through medium-term fiscal frameworks (trend and anti-shock modeling)
  • Evaluate macro fiscal results: institutional design of independent fiscal institutions
  • Strengthen public saving of resources from raw materials: institutional design of sovereign funds
  • Strengthen debt management and fiscal risks associated with contingent liabilities: debt strategies; debt sustainability models; registration and methodologies to quantify contingent liabilities associated with PPPs, pension system, State guarantees for non-sovereign obligations, among others