Digital fiscal management
Gestión fiscal digital

What do we do?

We support comprehensive digital solutions to transform fiscal management in Latin America and the Caribbean through a combination of governance, regulation, institutions, human talent, and technological infrastructure. Our solutions are adapted to the maturity levels of our member countries, considering context of the intervention that determine the standardization and simplification of processes, integration and interoperability of data, digitization of processes, use of analytics, visualization, and automation.

Action areas

  • Modernize tax systems and adjust tax policies to the digital economy to increase tax collection and promote fair competition in the provision of digital services
  • Promote an effective and efficient tax administration through proactive and concurrent tax control and better services to taxpayers
  • Build intelligent and integrated digital tax systems that allow generating tax savings by improving the targeting and coverage of transfers, identifying evasion and informality, and safeguarding privacy and cybersecurity
  • Strengthen the governance and management of public purchases to obtain greater value for money in the acquisition of goods, works and services and improve the relationship with the main users through the implementation of electronic platforms
  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of public investment through the integration and analysis of large amounts of information, targeting investments towards infrastructure gaps, as well as predicting and managing risks associated with over-times and cost overruns in the execution of works