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Data and Digital Government Cluster

The Data and Digital Government Cluster promotes a comprehensive vision of digital transformation that includes institutional strengthening, governance, regulatory framework, and technological services. This digital transformation of the public sector supports the country's competitiveness and social inclusion by emphasizing the national data strategy and the cybersecurity policy necessary to protect cyberspace.



Trámites y Servicios Públicos

Serie “Innovations in Public Service Delivery”:


Digital Transformation


Registries, Identity and Digital Identity




Emerging data and technologies


Official statistics


  • Ciberlac: It is a Network of Excellence in Cybersecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean that regionally brings together universities and research centers in the field of cybersecurity. It facilitates collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources among its member institutions, and promotes the creation of synergies in order to enhance their educational and research capabilities.
  • DigiGob: A fast-to-deploy digital government solution that enables public transactions in the cloud without the need for physical interaction between citizens and officials, and without interrupting the continuity of operations
  • Strengthening Cybersecurity in Uruguay: This program contributes to strengthening the country's capacity to protect its digital space by improving prevention, detection, and response to cyberattacks.
  • Program for the Improvement of Public Services and State-Citizen Interaction: The objective of the program is to contribute to the reduction of transactional costs of the interaction of citizens and companies with the central administration by simplifying procedures, expanding the coverage of online services, and promoting access for citizens –particularly those from lower-income segments.
  • National Catalog of Regulations, Procedures, and Services of Mexico: Project prepared by CONAMER with IDB resources. The Catalog is a multilevel portal, an important innovation at the international level. It incorporates information from 3 levels of government, which requires, in addition to technological solution, a complex regulatory and governance framework
  • Program to Strengthen the Statistical Capacity of the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) of the Argentine Republic (AR-L1266): Improve the reliability, timeliness, and relevance of the statistics produced by INDEC to contribute to the improvement of public policies, private decision making, and full exercise of the right to public information by citizens.