modulo covid19




The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are facing a historical challenge. Governments throughout the region are quickly designing and implementing extraordinary measures to mitigate the health, economic, and social consequences associated with COVID-19.

Swift budget allocation and spending are of paramount importance for governments to effectively address the challenges posed by the pandemic; but so are transparency and accountability of spending, to ensure that the resources deployed reach those most in need. 

In this context, the IDB has developed an information module associated with the InvestmentMap platform, to follow up on and monitor the resources earmarked for the COVID-19 emergency.  



This module allows




Strengthening the traceability of resources and the articulation of budgetary, contractual, and investment systems, subsidies, transfers, beneficiaries, and others.



Supporting decision-making regarding the targeting of resources and beneficiaries, as well as monitoring and follow-up from innovative dashboards and data analytics.



Enhancing interaction with citizens and interest groups (cooperators, congresses, the media, others) to improve accountability.