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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
UR-L1181 Uruguay REGIONAL INTEGRATION Uruguay: Investment and Innovation Hub 10,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-L1189 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Water Systems Improvement Program - Phase I 30,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-L1190 Uruguay TRANSPORT Productive Rural Roads Improvement Program II 75,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-L1191 Uruguay SOCIAL INVESTMENT Modernization of the Social Security Bank for the improvement of the pension system 20,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-T1285 Uruguay PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Gender-based violence prevention through data-driven crime prediction model in Uruguay 400,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-T1286 Uruguay ENERGY Towards Uruguay's second sustainable energy transition through efficient electrification and green hydrogen 500,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-T1290 Uruguay OTHER Supporting the achievement of Uruguay's first SSLB SPTs by meeting the goals of the first NDC and strengthening the country's green finance landscape 400,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-T1292 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Support for PSUVI implementation with a focus on adaptation to climate change 800,000.00 Preparation N/A
UR-T1301 Uruguay OTHER Action Plan C&D 336,849.00 Implementation January 02, 2023
UR-T1302 Uruguay SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Knowledge Exchange for the Institutional Strengthening of ANII considering a Gender Perspective and Cross-cutting Issues 6,834.00 Implementation December 14, 2022
UR-T1291 Uruguay PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Support for the creation of a Fund of Funds for investments in startups Uruguay 100,000.00 Implementation December 12, 2022
UR-L1186 Uruguay TRADE Program to modernize the regulatory framework for internationalization 155,000,000.00 Implementation December 07, 2022
UR-L1177 Uruguay ENERGY Support for the consolidation of the country's low-carbon energy transition 40,000,000.00 Implementation November 30, 2022
UR-O1160 Uruguay ENERGY Apoyo al cumplimiento de los compromisos climáticos de Uruguay 150,000,000.00 Implementation November 30, 2022
UR-L1169 Uruguay EDUCATION Generation D: Developing Digital Skills with equity in the Knowledge Era 30,000,000.00 Implementation November 28, 2022
UR-L1164 Uruguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program to Develop and Strengthen Fiscal and Subnational Services Management 90,000,000.00 Implementation November 23, 2022
UR-J0001 Uruguay SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support Program for the socio-urban integration of the migrant population 5,000,000.00 Implementation November 16, 2022
UR-G0005 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Living Lab Uruguay: validating agtech solutions for greater resilience to climate change 300,000.00 Implementation November 10, 2022
UR-T1287 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Living Lab Uruguay: validating agtech solutions for greater resilience to climate change 400,000.00 Implementation November 10, 2022
UR-T1288 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Innovation applied to Solid Waste management in Montevideo 150,000.00 Implementation November 10, 2022