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RG-X1109 : Research Fellow Second Term of Master CECO

Project Status: Completed

4.1 The Intern will support the Sector INT in the hubs you have in Costa Rica (in this case the fate of the intern will be El Salvador for 11 months to support the operation of ES-L1057) and Uruguay respectively. For the specific activities of the two internships, consult the relevant Annexes to this project, although a generic set will be carried out in 4.2. 4.2 To achieve the above objectives, the through-out the following activities: ¿ Support Specialist project inspections. Anticipated events that may adversely affect the successful implementation of a project within budget and according to the Bank's operational policies, analyzing the technical and contractual documents approved by the Bank with such recommendations as it deems appropriate. ¿ Advise and assist the specialist in the identification of potential borrowers and beneficiaries for submission of applications for loans and technical cooperation for potential projects. Assist in the analysis of queries and requests, assist in the preparation of profiles as a first contribution to the process of lending and technical cooperation. ¿ Provide specialist support in preparing and carrying out the various Bank missions.

Project Detail

Project Number
Approval date
July 12, 2011
Project Country
Project Sector
Project Subsector
Project Type
Externally Funded Contractuals
Environmental and social impact category
Project Status

Project Information

Total Cost
USD 91,696
Country counterpart financing
Spanish Framework General Fund