Bank-Executed Operational Work


Bank-Executed Operational Work

Bank-Executed Operational Work (BEO) leads to the contracting of consulting services of firms (from Bank member countries) directly by the Bank, for the generation of products that support the Bank’s development agenda. The bidding opportunities generated by BEO are exclusively for intellectual products and advisory services; they could include little scope for the purchase of goods.


The Policy for the Selection and Contracting Firms for Bank-executed Operational Work was approved in 2014.

The selection and contracting process is divided in five stages and led by the Project Team Leader:


Procurement Opportunities in Bank-executed Operations (BEO) can be found at BEO Procurement Opportunities

Firms interested in participating in a BEO procurement selection process must submit their expressions of interest using the BEO-Bidder Portal



The Bank supports diversity in its supplier base. Women-owned or women-led business enterprises are encouraged to participate in its Corporate Procurement processes.

The Bank defined a women’s business enterprise as:

• 51% or more ownership stake by women and/or

• a woman top manager (CEO, COO, general manager, president, or equivalent position).