Partnerships at the IDB

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Emerging economies must fill a US$2.5 trillion financing gap to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Because the international public sector cannot fill this gap alone, partnerships are essential to financing the 2030 Agenda.

The IDB’s Office of Outreach and Partnerships is dedicated to achieving this goal. Through our offices in Madrid, Tokyo, and Washington, DC, we work with governments, companies, academia, foundations, and others to forge and maintain partnerships that can fill this gap and advance the SDGs. In the past three years, we have helped mobilize an annual average of $4 billion in resources from 400+ organizations, all of which are allocated to projects that improve lives in the region.

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Why Partnerships?

Today’s challenges are too complex for any organization to tackle alone. That’s why the IDB created the Office of Outreach in Partnerships (ORP) in 2008, establishing one of the first-ever partnership teams in the international development realm.

Today, the power of partnerships is universally recognized. ORP is a testament to the IDB’s commitment to the international call for partnerships for development, which is now reflected in the Paris Climate Accords, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Billions to Trillions Movement, and the G20 Mandate.

What We Do

Do you want to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean? The IDB can help you by:

1. Connecting you with IDB initiatives that are aligned with your development priorities;
2. Working with you from start-to-finish on partnership ideas;
3. Helping you to identify synergies and forge connections with our partnership network;
4. Designing innovative financing and partnership instruments that amplify your impact;
5. Monitoring the results of your contributions; and

6. Developing knowledge sharing mechanisms that break information siloes.

Why the IDB?

At the IDB, we want to be your gateway to improving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Why should you partner with us?

1. We have offices in all 26 of our borrowing member countries;
2. We have a AAA rating and are committed to transparency and reporting;
3. We are pioneering the design and use of innovative finance instruments;
4. We can pilot and evaluate innovative projects and work with governments to scale those that are most successful;
5. We have a track record of results and we learn from every project we design; and
6. We can work in hard-to-reach places.