Partnerships at the IDB
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At the IDB, our vision is that organizations around the world will recognize the critical role they must play in improving lives, and that they will join forces with us to mobilize the financing and knowledge needed to advance development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IDB has put partnerships at the center of its work since ORP was created in 2008. And in 2015, the international community validated the importance of development partnerships through Sustainable Development Goal 17, which called on organizations of all kinds to join forces in pursuit of the 2030 Agenda.

In line with this global movement, ORP is expanding its collaborative efforts and innovating in its approach to tapping the knowledge and financial resources of its partners. Find out how we are doing this.

Pioneering Innovative Finance

It is estimated that multilateral institutions and governments can cover 15 percent of the financing needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. To raise the additional 85 percent, in 2015 the Addis Ababa Agenda for Action called on the global community to move from “billions to trillions” in their financing efforts, demanding that they look to new, innovative schemes to finance the 2030 Agenda.

The IDB Group is well positioned to blaze this trail. We have been pioneering innovative financing instruments since 2010 and, by 2017, saw these modalities comprise 38 percent of our mobilization efforts. In the years to come, we intend to further explore innovative finance, expand our portfolio of instruments, and help our partnerships achieve greater leverage. Let’s work together.


Engaging Foundations

The global community has rallied together to finance the 2030 Agenda, and foundations are no exception. In the United States they doubled their giving to approximately US$60 billion between 2002 and 2014 and globally, philanthropists are turning to impact investing and other more strategic schemes that track results, reach more beneficiaries, and unlock additional financing.

The IDB’s track record of enabling partners to leverage the financing and expertise of others aligns with these interests, and sets the stage for public-private collaboration that can generate meaningful impact. We are looking to team up with foundations to innovate, measure impact, and scale successful interventions. If your organization shares these objectives, contact us.

Calling the Private Sector to Action

Because we believe the private sector has a critical role to play in development, over the past decade we have expanded our corporate partnerships. Today—thanks in part to conscious consumerism and mounting evidence that links corporate sustainability and financial performance—these efforts are facilitated by a growing sense of obligation among corporates to generate a positive impact in society. 

The IDB is responding to this evolving scenario by creating incentives for corporate sustainability champions through IndexAmericas, helping businesses integrate impact into their business models, and expanding support to our private sector window IDB Invest. If your business wants to contribute to the region’s development story, contact us. 

Embracing the Digital Wave

While the digital revolution has afforded us many advances, it is also fraught with challenges. It is transforming our world, turning the labor market on its head, and disrupting business models across industries. In Latin America and the Caribbean, societies are struggling to adopt the technologies needed to tap this transformation as a source for development; access to digital infrastructure and networks is an obstacle and the lack of strategy for structural change has stunted the digital economy as well. >

The region is at a crossroads. If it neglects to address the digital revolution’s challenges and capitalize on its opportunities, communities may suffer. But if it does so effectively, it stands to unlock substantial growth. To ensure the latter happens, the IDB seeks partners who can help the region ride the digital wave to success. If your organization falls into this category, contact us.

Investing in Infrastructure

The region’s massive infrastructure financing gap, estimated at more than US$100 billion a year over the next decade, is a major obstacle to development. To fill it, we allocate more of our portfolio to infrastructure than to any other purpose, with infrastructure representing more than a third of our lending in 2017.

If your organization seeks to invest in the groundwork for continued growth in Latin America and the Caribbean, reach out to us.

Knowledge as Currency

While the IDB finances projects that improve lives, we also look at knowledge as a critical instrument for development. As such we increasingly value collaborations that tap into the expertise and best practices cultivated by external partners. They are a form of currency that permit us to test and scale innovative solutions.

Working through such platforms as roundtables and events, executive training programs, and more, the Bank is open to collaborations that seek to share knowledge that can improve development efforts or further contribute to a partnership-friendly culture around the world. Contact us.