Panorama of Aging and Long-term Care

We invite you to explore videos about aging and long-term care:

Six keys to design a long-term care system

Summary: This video explores six key points for governments to design and gradually expand long-term care systems in the region.

A dependency calculator

Estimate your dependency probability in the future

Summary: In this video María Laura Oliveri explains how to use the calculator to estimate the probability of depending on others to perform activities of daily living in the future.

What is the difference between functional dependency and disability?

Summary: It’s very easy to confuse the concepts of care dependence and disability. Juan Pablo Salazar explains the differences in this video.

Long-term care in the Republic of Corea

This video presents the experience of Korea in designing and implementing the long-term care insurance. It represents a good example on how to start working in long-term care policies in the region.

Summary: More than 10 years after the creation of long-term care insurance, the video shows how insurance accompanies older adults to have a happier life. In addition, it shows how they were continuously changing and expanding the range of services to meet a growing older adult population.

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Canal Efecto Naím


We invite you to watch the video on the silver economy that includes a report to our specialist Marco Stampini where he talks about the alternatives that countries have to the demographic bill (only available in Spanish).

Summary: They have white hair, technology of last model and drive the so-called silver economy. Some experts argue that this is the fastest growing market in the world. And rightly so, it is estimated that by 2030, the population of seniors will be twice what it is now and account for 14% of the global population. In this report we explore the consequences, challenges and opportunities of a growing population of older adults.