Seminar on South Korea

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Panorama of Aging and Long-term Care

The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the National Health Insurance of Korea delivered a presentation on the design and implementation of a long-term care service system.


SESION 1: Getting ready for a long-term care (LTC) system: The Korean experience (presentation)

Hyunsook Kim, Director of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea


SESION 2: Challenges and achievements of the Korean LTCI: A road to socializing care (presentation)

Heeseung Lee, Head Researcher at the National Health Insurance Service of Korea


SESION 3: Challenges to build an LTC system in Latin America and the Caribbean

Challenges in México (presentation, only available in Spanish)

Carmen Santamaría Guasch, Normative Coordinator of Economic and Social Benefits, Mexican Institute of Social Security

Challenges in Costa Rica (presentation, only available in Spanish)

Francisco Delgado Jiménez, Deputy Minister of Human Development and Social Inclusion, Public and Private Institute of Social Assistance of Costa Rica

Challenges in Uruguay (presentation, only available in Spanish)

Julio Bango, National Secretary of Care Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay


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