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Panorama of Aging and Long-term Care

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Our support to countries


We accompany Uruguay in the design and implementation of the National Integrated System of Care (SNIC, its acronym in Spanish), helping to improve access and quality of care for people with dependency. The focus of collaboration is to support institutional strengthening of the system and the expansion of early childhood services.

To learn more about our collaboration with Uruguay you can consult:

UR-L1110: National Integrated Care System Support Program

In addition, we are working on a technical collaboration for the evaluation of the SNIC's personal assistant program, one of the main benefits offered by the system to the population with functional dependence. To learn more about this benefit, and the care system in general, you can consult the institutional page of the SNIC.

Related Databases

Specialized Databases

  • IDB, CIMA education information portal
  • IDB, SIMS. Labor Markets and Social Security Indicators System
  • IDB, Sociometro
  • Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), GBD Results Tools, 2016
  • IHME, University of Washington. Terms and conditions here
  • United Nations, Population Division, The 2017 Revision of World Population Prospects
  • International Labor Organization. ILOSTAT databases on labor statistics
  • World Health Organization, Global Health Observatory (GHO) data

Household Surveys and Census Data

  • Argentina, National Survey on the Quality of Life of Older Adults (Encuesta Nacional sobre Calidad de Vida de Adultos Mayores, ENVaVIAM), 2012
  • Argentina, Survey of Protection and Social Security (Encuesta de Protección y Seguridad Social, ENAPROSS), 2011 and 2015
  • Longitudinal Social Protection Surveys (Encuesta Longitudinal de Protección Social - ELPS) from Uruguay (2013), Chile (2016), El Salvador (2013), Paraguay (2015), Colombia (2012)
  • Costa Rica, Census 2011. Population with Disabilities. Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censo de Costa Rica 2011 
  • México, 2015, Social Assistence Accomodation Census (CAAS)
  • National Health and Aging Study (Encuesta Nacional sobre Salud y Envejecimiento en México - ENASEM) in México

Other IDB initiatives

  • IDB, Network for Pensions in Latin America and the Caribbean (Red PLAC)
  • Retirement Savings Laboratory

Other Related websites


External publications

BID, Fundación INECO (2020), Manual de Buenas Prácticas para el Diagnóstico de Demencias. (only available in Spanish)

CONEVAL, “What Works and What Doesn’t in Long-term Care for the Elderly.” (Only available in Spanish: ​​¿Qué funciona y qué no en cuidados de largo plazo para personas adultas mayores?). From the series “What Works: Practical Guidelines to Improve Public Policy” (Lo que sí funciona: guías prácticas para mejorar la Política Pública). See also this very interesting infograph

ECLAC (2009), “Aging and Care Systems: Opportunity or Crisis?” Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean (only available in Spanish: Envejecimiento y sistemas de cuidados: ¿oportunidad o crisis?)

FIAP (2018), “Pension Note No. 27: Experiences with Coverage Programs for the Financing of Long-term Care for the Elderly.” (Only available in Spanish:  Nota de Pensiones N° 27 - Experiencias con programas de cobertura para el financiamiento de los cuidados de adultos mayores con dependencia)

World Health Organization (2015), World Report on Aging and Health.

Experiencias internacionales

Learn about the experience of the Republic of Korea in the following publication: National Health Insurance and Long-term Health Insurance System in the Republic of Korea (2019). More information available here.