Frequent questions
Panorama of Aging and Long-term Care

Frequent questions

About the IDB’s Social Protection and Health Division

The IDB’s Social Protection and Health Division aims to promote the social inclusion of populations living in vulnerability, poverty and extreme poverty, ensure the sustainability of services, improve health conditions and health indicators, and reduce the risk of impoverishment linked to health problems.

How are the Panorama data cited?

Panorama data should be cited as: “Source: Panorama of Aging and Long-Term Care, Social Protection and Health Division, Inter-American Development Bank.”

How do I download all the data?

To download all the data, press the green “csv” icon at the top of the control panel. This will enable you to download the file with the data in Excel.

 In addition, all the data in the Indicators section can be downloaded at the following link (only available in Spanish).

How can I learn more about the indicators?

Access the publication “Panorama de Envejecimiento y Dependencia en América Latina” (“Panorama of Aging and Long-Term Care in Latin America”).


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