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Verónica M Gonzalez Diez

Lead Specialist

 (202) 623 - 3309


Veronica M. Gonzalez Diez joined OVE in 2001 and has made a career in the evaluation field promoting evidence-based decision-making processes. At OVE, Veronica is a Lead Economist with a track-record as author and task manager of highly influential country, sector and corporate evaluations contributing to the IDB’s institutional improvements and ensuring high quality standards.

At the country level, Veronica managed high-profile Country Program Evaluations (CPE), including Chile (2014-2018), Ecuador (2012-2017), Haiti (2011-2015 and 2007-2011), Bolivia (2011-2015), and Dominican Republic (2004-2008). At the sector level, Veronica is currently leading the evaluation of the IDB support in the Citizen Security. Previously, she co-led OVE’s cross-sector evaluation on Climate Change (2014) and represented the IDB in the Oversight Committee for the first joint evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) with the other multilateral banks. In the corporate area, Veronica authored the most recent Annual Report (2019) highlighting 20 years of independent evaluation at the IDB and led the latest stock-taking report on IDB Lending Instruments (2020). Previously, she co-led the Second Independent Evaluation of the Multilateral Investment Fund and participated as a team member in the Mid-term (2013) and Final (2017) Evaluation of the IDB Ninth General Capital Increase. Within the Oversight team, Veronica has been a member of the core team that carried out Evaluability exercises in 2005 and 2009. She also led the Project Completion Report validations in 2005 and 2008.

Veronica promoted innovative research tools and “gold standard” evaluation methodologies for the IDB Group. She carried out impact evaluation using Randomized Control Trials in Dominican Republic [IDB-WP OVE/WP-05/09], Colombia [(OVE/WP-09/13)] and Brazil [IZA DP No. 8210].

Veronica has a M.A. Degree in International Political Economy from the University of Alberta (Canada, 2001) and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Cordoba, (Argentina, 1998) and Political Science from the Universite Laval (Quebec, Canada, 1997).

Some of Verónica's publications at OVE include:

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