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Ulrike Haarsager

Lead Specialist



Ulrike has been part of the OVE team since early 2016, and is one of the office’s Lead Specialists. She has led the evaluations of IDB Lab (ongoing) and the Country Program Evaluations for Argentina (2016-2019) and Mexico (2013-2018), co-led the evaluations on Direct SME lending by IIC and on Contingent Lending Instruments, and contributed to the evaluations on Environmental and Social Safeguards, on the Implementation of the Private-Sector Merge-Out, on Infrastructure PPPs, and the Peru Country Program Evaluation (2012-2016).

Prior to joining OVE, Ulrike worked in IDB private sector operations since 2007, where most recently she led the design of the development effectiveness tools still used by IDB Invest today. Before joining IDB, Ulrike was part of the OECD group of Country Risk Experts in assessing political and economic risk for Austria’s export credit agency OeKB, and prior to that conducted market research for OeKB and Arthur D. Little Consulting.

Ulrike’s academic training includes an Advanced Master’s Degree in Economics by KU Leuven (Belgium) and a Master’s Degree in International Business and Economics by the University of Vienna (Austria).

Some of Ulrike's publications at OVE include:

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