Office Evaluation



Luisa Riveros Galvis


 (202) 623-3289




Luisa joined the Office of Evaluation and Oversight as Economics Specialist in 2020. She is an economist with more than ten years of experience working on evaluation. At OVE, Luisa led the Independent Country Program Reviews for Suriname (2016-2020) and Belize (2013-2021), and has participated in other project evaluations. Prior to OVE, she worked for eight years as Project Coordinator in Econometría Consultores, a consulting firm in Colombia. Her professional experience includes evaluations for Latin-American governments and international organizations that work in the region and in Africa, mainly related to childhood and youth, food security and health. She co-authored the book Early pregnancy: Evidence from research in Colombia. She also worked in the financial and real state sectors in Colombia.  

Luisa holds a has a master’s degree in Specialized Economic Analysis (ITFD) from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad Externado de Colombia.



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