OVE’s evaluations have spanned a wide range of topics over the years aiming to evaluate development and corporate issues likely to be of high relevance to IDB Group and Latin American and the Caribbean in the future.

In 2016 OVE produced 15 evaluations grouped into three broad categories:

Additionally, this year OVE completed the first full round of validations on the progress made by management implementing OVE’s recommendations, tracked in the Recommendations Tracking System (ReTS).

Take a look at this infographic that sums up our action-packed year.


Assessing Outcomes at the Individual Project Level

OVE completed three in-depth comparative project reviews to identify lessons related to project design and implementation.

One review looks at the impact on the poor of bus rapid transit systems in Lima and Cali and how benefits for them might be increased. A second, studies rural water supply systems supported by the IDB in Paraguay, seeking to understand the reasons for their success. The last one, reviews the design and results of IDB-supported housing programs in four Caribbean countries – Barbados, Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago.


Reviewing IDB Group Instruments and Approaches

OVE completed five evaluations that assess experience with specific IDB Group instruments or modes of client engagement.

These five evaluations highlight many factors that influence the effectiveness of IDB Group engagement with client countries. A key finding common across all of them is the need for a clear strategic vision. What does the IDB Group hope to achieve for its clients and itself? Under what conditions will the instrument add value in the country setting? What foundations are necessary for the instrument to succeed? What are attendant risks and the costs, and how can they be mitigated?

Being able to answer these questions is essential to IDB Group success.


Evaluating Country Programs

OVE’s country program evaluations (CPEs) analyze the relevance and effectiveness of IDB Group’s support to individual borrowing countries over four to five years, generally corresponding to the time covered by the most recent country strategy. OVE delivered six CPEs for the countries below, which face many institutional and economic challenges, and show a record of mixed success in these Bank programs.


Recommendations Tracking System - ReTS

OVE has undertaken many evaluations over the years. To what extent are these evaluations influencing how the IDB does business?

To help answer this question, in 2013 the IDB established the ReTs, a system to monitor the implementation of OVE’s recommendations. This system tracks the recommendations issued by OVE and endorsed by the Board of Executive Directors.
Management prepares an action plan for each recommendation and updates its progress annually. OVE then validates that progress. In 2016, OVE completed the first full round of validations after the ReTS pilot phase. The validations looked at two questions:

Relevance: How relevant is the action plan to the recommendation?

Implementation: To what extent is management on track to implement actions due by the end of the year?

The ReTS system and validation results are described in greater detail in the background paper accompanying this Annual Report.