MICI meets virtually with civil organizations in the region to inform and promote access

Encuentro virtual con OSCs


MICI’s regular access promotion activities have moved into the virtual environment in the last two months since the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic. Among others, the Mechanism has organized three meetings with civil society organizations in the region and participates, throughout the month of May, in four sessions of the first seminar on accountability organized by the CERALC Project.

The first of these virtual meetings with Sociedad Civil took place on May 8, with more than 20 representatives of organizations working in the region. In this conversation, the Director of the Mechanism, Victoria Márquez-Mees, presented the main results of 2019, summarized in the 2019 MICI Annual Report, as well as an update of the IDB Group's policy review process. The discussion had a second edition in  English on May 19th.

MICI is also participating in the first edition of the online seminars "ABC of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and National Contact Points (NCPs)" that is taking place during the month of May. This seminar is organized by the Project for Responsible Business Conduct for Latin America and the Caribbean (CERALC Project), the Accountability and Access to Reparation project led by UN Human Rights in Geneva and the Access to Reparation in Financing Project for the Development led by UN Human Rights in New York.

Regarding access promotion activities, the Mechanism has organized a meeting with civil society organizations in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, together with the Inspection Panel (IPN) of the World Bank and the Compliance Advisory and Ombudsman (CAO) of the IFC. The session, held on 13 May, was attended by more than 60 representatives from different local and international organizations.
As long as travel restrictions are maintained, MICI will continue to organize virtual sessions with civil society organizations. Entities interested in participating in these sessions, or organizing a specific session for their communities, can contact the Mechanism by writing to accessmici@iadb.org.