MICI takes measures to ensure the continuity of case management during the global COVID-19 pandemic

The IDB Group, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the decisions made by different countries, has suspended all international travel and all its employees are working remotely from Monday, March 16th, until further notice.

All of our complainants, friends, stakeholders, and colleagues must know that the MICI team is actively working, but given the restrictions on travel and face-to-face contacts, certain adverse impacts can be expected both in complaints management as well as access promotion activities.

Here are some specific details of what to expect while the preventive measures are in place:

• The management of MICI cases will continue as normally and as close to the deadlines established in the MICI Policies as is possible under these circumstances. The Mechanism will continue to receive complaints and manage the current active portfolio. We will strive to keep the deadlines set out in the Policy and, if this is not possible, the Parties will be informed directly by email and the general public through the Public Registry.
• Regarding Access Promotion activities, we will seek to replace face-to-face events with virtual alternatives. If this is not feasible, face-to-face events will be rescheduled.

MICI remains attentive and available to discuss and answer any questions. The general public can write to mechanism@iadb.org or accessmici@iadb.org

As of this date, we do not know for how long  will these measures be in force, but will keep you informed of any updates received.

Our best wishes in this contingency to everyone and their families.