MICI celebrates its tenth anniversary by emphasizing conflict and alternative dispute resolution methods

Foro MICI 10 años


More than 250 representatives of the IDB Group, civil society organizations, and other independent accountability mechanisms joined MICI, in person and virtually, during the Conference “Accountability, Conflict and Mediation” held on February 26 and 27. The Forum focused on the transfer of analysis capabilities and conflict attention in the Latin American and Caribbean region through alternative dispute resolution methods.

Three activities marked the beginning of the tenth-anniversary celebrations of the creation of the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism: a workshop for IDB officials taught by Giselle Huamani and César Rojas, both members of MICI's Facilitator Roster; a round table addressed to officials from the private arms of the IDB, the World Bank and OPIC to discuss ways to strengthen the capacity of attention to communities and conflict situations in private sector projects within the framework of respect for human rights; and, as a great event, the Forum “Accountability, Conflict and Mediation” where the publication “Consultation Phase 2010-2019: Nine Years of Experience in Dispute Resolution” was also presented.

The Forum's agenda included two panels: A first panel, moderated by Ms. Márquez-Mees, focused on development financing challenges in contexts of high polarization and conflict, with the participation of the Executive Director for the chair for Venezuela and Panama of the IDB, Gina Montiel, the Head of IDB's Environmental and Social Safeguards Unit, Joseph Milewski, the Undersecretary of Participatory Conflict Resolution Methods of the Ministry of Government, Human Rights and Justice of Salta, Gustavo Skaff, and César Rojas. The second panel focused on the practical aspects of dispute resolution to extract reflections and learning. The speakers for this second conversation were the counselor for the chair for Argentina and Haiti, Alfred Fils Metellus, the Coordinator of MICI's Consultation Phase, Gastón Aín, Serge-Henri Troch, Senior Specialist of the IDB Safeguards Unit, and Giselle Huamani, moderated by Mr. Leonardo Otarán, President of Fundación Mediar.

The event also served to announce the location and date of the Second American Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration Congress to be held in Asunción, Paraguay, next July. Leonardo Otarán and Gustavo Skaff participated in the launch, as representatives of the American Congress, the Executive Director for the chair of Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, Germán Rojas, and Victoria Márquez-Mees, director of the MICI.