MICI participates for the first time in a workshop with executing agencies


On November 27 and 28, nearly 30 Honduran officials participated in the first informational workshop on environmental and social safeguards and the IDB's accountability function. Representatives of the Secretariats of Energy and Environment and of the National Electric Energy Company (ENEE), among other executing agencies, were part of the workshop.

The workshop was sponsored by IDB energy specialists in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A first session, in charge of the Unit of Environmental and Social Safeguards, presented the requirements for the identification and management of environmental and social risks. In the second session, the role and procedures of the MICI, the non-judicial complaint mechanism of the IDB, were explained.

This initiative is part of the external dissemination program of MICI, which seeks to promote knowledge about the existence and operation of the IDB Group's accountability office.