Second meeting of the year with the External Consultative Group (GCE)


(Washington D.C., November 16, 2018) MICI’s External Consultative Group (GCE) held the second 2018 meeting, which focused on improving the MICI management in the areas of access, transparency and efficiency. The GCE members also contributed with their comments and feedback to the MICI Reflections program and supported MICI's decision to utilize some of the Aid Transparency Index standards to evaluate their own performance in the area of transparency. The GCE is made up of eight professionals with extensive experience in development finance, communication and organizational management who contribute, in a pro-bono way, to improve the management of the MICI in terms of access, transparency and efficiency. The group provides MICI with an external perspective and is part of the MICI's commitment to continuous improvement. After its creation in 2017, the GCE has held four meetings: two at a distance and two in-person meetings.

El GCE está formado por ocho profesionales con amplia experiencia en materia de financiamiento al desarrollo, comunicación y gestión organizacional que, en forma pro-bono, contribuyen a mejorar la gestión del MICI en términos de acceso, transparencia y eficacia. El grupo dota al MICI de una perspectiva externa y forma parte del compromiso de mejora continua del MICI. Tras su creación en 2017, el GCE ha mantenido cuatro reuniones: dos a distancia y dos presenciales.