MICI-BID-HA-2017-0114- A dialogue process facilitated by MICI culminates in an Agreement for the claim of the Haiti Caracol Industrial Park project


Limonade, December 8, 2018.

The Technical Execution Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (UTE), the representatives of 422 farming families of Requesters from communities near Caracol; and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) project team signed an agreement with corrective measures to restore the means of subsistence for people affected by the Caracol Industrial Park (PIC), as a result of the IDB's Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) Consultation Phase process. The agreed-upon measures include initiatives to improve agricultural production; promote access to formal employment in the PIC; provide support and training for small businesses; professional training and education support.

On January 2017, MICI received a complaint from hundreds of families organized under the "Kolektif Peyizan Victim Té Chabé" who claimed to have been economically displaced from the area where the Caracol Industrial Park was to be located. The Caracol Industrial Park Project was funded through various IDB Non-Reimbursable Grants. At the time, the families received compensation for the project because of economic displacement.

The Agreement signed today was the product of six rounds of structured dialogue, organized and facilitated by MICI in Limonade, as well as several exchanges with each actor during a year and a half. During this time, IDB Management, the Technical Execution Unit and the claimants, supported by Civil Society, worked on an agenda co-built with and facilitated by MICI.

The process included the management of social and environmental aspects, a review of the compensations that had been paid within the framework of the Resettlement Plan and the terms of reference for an independent evaluation of said Resettlement Plan. Also, the IDB's operations team translated into Creole and shared key project information. A joint visit to the water treatment plant located in the PIC was made to handle one of the Requesters' allegations.