IDB supports Colombia’s efforts to fight and prevent corruption

Colombia will strengthen public surveillance and promote its institutions’ transparency and integration by boosting up the effectiveness of the Public Prosecutor's Office (PGN, after its Spanish initials) with help from a $40 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The PGN is a key piece in Colombia’s public control system. The office monitors conduct by public sector employees, oversees the implementation of administrative functions, and defends human rights. Under the country’s law, it also acts as the guarantor of information access and transparency.

Citizen demands for quality and efficient public services, together with growing concerns over corruption, have underscored the need to strengthen the capacities of the public control systems.

“The post-conflict atmosphere in Colombia provides a unique chance to strengthen control systems,” IDB’s Project Team Leader Diego Arisi said. “This is particularly relevant at subnational government level, where a greater focus should be placed on public investment execution.”

Technological and information management innovations have changed the role of the entities that monitor public administration. The emphasis is now more oriented towards generating, comparing and analyzing data to detect risks early and take preventive measures.

The project seeks to enhance the PGN’s institutional management efficiency through better planning, coordination and technology management, increased PGN operation capabilities at territorial level, and improved tools to help the agency promote integrity, transparency and citizen participation.

The loan is for a 12.45-year term, with a LIBOR-based interest rate.

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