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IDB and INTAL announce the winners of the INTALent competition on creative industries

The Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean (INTAL), from the Integration & Trade sector of the Inter-American Development Bank announced the winners of INTALENT, a competition for innovators in creative industries with regional impact.

The competition on convened over 680 projects on the Orange Economy and technological basis from 20 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The winner of the first prize was Stereotheque, a platform of musical exploration based on localization, preferences and serendipity. The promoter of the project, Colombian Tomás Uribe, will receive 10,000 USD and a trip to Emtech 2016, the conference on emerging technologies of MIT Technology Review in Boston.

The second prize was for Linguoo, a collaborative app of audio articles in Spanish and English. The Argentinian entrepreneur Emanuel Vilte will have the chance to travel to Demand Solutions, the contest of regional startups organized by the IDB, where he will present his project.

An honorable mention was given to three other projects: Gran Mercado, an information system that connects producers and consumers; Tradr, an e-commerce portal focused on design female entrepreneurs; and BIO360, a system of modules and vegetable capsules with a passive auto-irrigation system.

Together with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Argentina, the Embassy of Mexico in Argentina and the Spanish edition of MIT Technology Review, the INTAL recognized through this contest innovative talent with ability to impact on trade and integration in the region.

The creative sector can stimulate the generation of income, create jobs, and increase exports, while promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity, and human development. The set of economic activities based on knowledge are linked to various chains of production and increasingly provide a greater contribution to the external sector of the countries, generating high value-added exports.

Creative sector has been one of the most dynamic areas of the economy and the one with the greatest growth in recent years, a source of over 10 million jobs and exports for 18,000 million USD.

The quantity and quality of entrepreneurs that participated on INTALENT and the projection capacity of the winners reflect the enormous potential of this sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, and its importance for cultural integration and regional connectivity.

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