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The IDB recognizes five municipal governments in the Gobernarte Contest and pays tribute to Eduardo Campos

The winners were chosen for their innovative initiatives

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) selected the cities of Fortaleza and San Bernardo del Campo in Brazil, Antigua Guatemala in Guatemala, Guayaquil in Ecuador, and Baruta in Venezuela as the winners of “Gobernarte 2015: Eduardo Campos Award” in a ceremony held on April 19.

The ceremony took place at the IDB headquarters in Washington D.C. In attendance was Mrs. Renata Lima Campos, the widow of Mr. Eduardo Campos, governor of Pernambuco in Brazil. The award is dedicated for his contribution to innovation in public management in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Other attendees included mayors, civil registry directors, and civil servants from the winning local governments, as well as IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno.

The third edition of the competition attracted a total of 95 entries from cities throughout the region in the categories “Cities and Big Data” and “Cities and Registry of People”.

The “Cities and Big Data” category recognized innovative initiatives that improved the lives of people in the cities by employing big data. In the case of Fortaleza, the municipality improved transport and mobilityby analyzing data produced by automatic sensors, GPS systems on buses, and electronic transport tickets. The result was 93 kilometers of exclusive bus lanes and 140 kilometers of bicycle lanes.

San Bernardo del Campo developed the Zeladoria Urbana Participativa (ZUP) platform, a participatory urban governance system for monitoring the management of 114 municipal services in real time.

The “Cities and Registry of People” category rewarded those innovative initiatives that helped narrow the identity gap and strengthen civil registries. The city of Antigua in Guatemala, in partnership with Guatemala’s Registro Nacional de personas (RENAP), developed a mobile application that enables midwives to inform the Civil Registry on births they assist.

Guayaquil, with its Brigadas Móviles program, has registered more than 39,000 people in isolated and vulnerable areas of the municipality. Finally, Baruta updated its civil registration system to include online services, thereby reducing red tape and waiting times.

Two panels of experts evaluated the initiatives.

The Gobernarte Award, supported by the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Fund and the Canadian Fund for Universal Legal Identity in Latin America and the Caribbean (CCR), seeks to identify, reward, and disseminate best practices and innovation in different areas of public management at the subnational level, with the aim of sharing them throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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