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IDB will hold the VIII Inter-American Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in Paraguay

CSRAméricas will focus on strategies and business competitiveness, economic inclusion models, and business initiatives to address climate change 

CSRAméricas, organized annually by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), will be held May 24-26 in Asuncion, Paraguay. CSRAmericas is the foremost event in Latin America and the Caribbean that focuses on topics related to responsible business practices and the promotion of sustainable and equitable development in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

CSRAméricas 2011 is organized around three themes: innovative and responsible strategies that strengthen businesses competitiveness, economic and social inclusion through the value chain, and new business initiatives directed at climate change.

Plenary sessions will discuss the following:

  • Yardsticks for development
  • Sustainability: A new banking concept
  • A business approach to climate change

In addition, panels will address recycling as an opportunity for economic and social inclusion, management tools and measurement of social impact, carbon management and sustainability, among others. Panelists who have confirmed their participation in the event include executives from companies such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Abengoa of Spain, the Carbon Disclosure Project in Brazil, Financiera El Comercio, Visión Banco and Rio Tinto of Paraguay, Diesel Canada, Wal-Mart de México, Brandaid ofCanada, among others.

The aim of the event is to help create an environmentally and socially responsible private sector that generates wealth and prosperity and creates quality jobs, and ultimately, a more stable climate conducive to business.

The event will also feature the awarding of Corporate Citizen of the Americas, which will be presented by the Organization of American States.

At the conference, which has become an important contribution to corporate social responsibility in the Americas, an expected 900 people from more than 35 countries will exchange information on best practices and strategies to improve business competitiveness and contribute to equitable and sustainable development.

CSRAméricas offers participants excellent opportunities to meet and interact with representatives from business firms, government agencies, civil society organizations, consulting firms, and universities, among other major players in the region.