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IDB begins public consultation on Strategy on Social Policy for Equity and Productivity

The IDB is initiating the first phase of public consultation on the development of its new Strategy on Social Policy for Equity and Productivity. The Strategy under development will guide the Bank’s operational and analytical work in social areas, with the objective of improving impacts on equity and productivity. 

Social Policy for Equity and Productivity constitutes one of the main pillars of the IDB’s New Strategic Focus. The development of the Strategy in this area results from the agreement among member countries on the Ninth General increase in Resources of the Bank. This agreement sets a target of 50% of lending to be in the areas of poverty reduction and equity enhancement by 2015. 

The profile of the Strategy presents a diagnostic analysis of challenges in the region, lessons learned, and a tentative list of priority areas for Bank action. This Strategy focuses on investments in people, in particular on those investments that increase their human capital, ensure that families attain acceptable levels of consumption, education, health, and nutrition, and help poor households manage risks. 

Public Consultation Plan 

The Bank welcomes the comments and inputs from government and civil society organizations, development specialists, academics, and other pertinent actors.  These contributions are critical to strengthening the effectiveness and relevance of the Strategy.  A dialogue about key elements of the profile of the Strategy occurred at the X Annual IDB-Civil Society Meeting, in Quito on November 4-5, 2010 and consultations with civil society on the Gender Policy have also served as important inputs (Gender policy). The public consultation process will proceed as follows:

§ First phase: The first phase will focus on the profile of the Strategy on Social Policy for Equity and Productivity.   (To access the Strategy Profile, click Profile).   Activities include the following:

      • Electronic consultation, November 8-27, 2010 (20 days)
      • Four sub-regional consultations coordinated by country offices, January 2011

§ Second phase: This phase will look at the draft of the Strategy on Social Policy for Equity and Productivity.  

      • Electronic consultation (30 days), February 2011
      • Meeting with policymakers and scholars February, 2011

For futher information on the process of public consultation on the profile of the strategy, send inquiries to