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IDB releases annual report on fraud prevention and anti-corruption activities

CANCUN, Mexico – The Inter-American Development Bank applied 52 sanctions—36 to individuals and 16 to firms—as a result of 152 investigations of alleged fraud and corruption cases carried out during 2009, according to a report released today.

The 2009 Annual Report of the IDB’s Office of Institutional Integrity (OII) describes the Bank’s efforts to prevent and investigate the occurrence of prohibited practices in the activities financed by the IDB Group. It offers a detailed account of a sample of the 309 inquiries and allegations—a record number—received by OII.

The number of allegations and consultations received by the OII has increased steadily since the office was launched in 2003. According to the report, this has been caused by increased awareness of the IDB Group’s fraud-prevention efforts in its member countries.

The report contains a summary of a sample of the investigations conducted in 2009. Some 69 percent of OII’s investigations last year concerned allegations of fraud and corruption; other investigations focused on allegations of embezzlement, bribery, misrepresentation of qualifications, conflict of interest and manipulation of the bidding process.  The complete list of sanctioned firms and individuals, is available on the Internet.

In addition to describing the investigation and sanction process, the report summarizes OII’s growing work in the area of prevention. In 2009 this included producing and delivering new Integrity Risks Reviews to provide Bank staff, clients and members countries with strategic information to reduce the likelihood of prohibited practices in IDB Group operations, along with improved efforts to prevent such practices in procurement and private sector operations.

The report is available online in English and Spanish, as is the Bank’s Sanctioned Firms and Individuals List. For printed copies of the report please contact Inés Plaza at , tel. 202-623-3623.