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IDB and civil society organizations hold constructive dialogue

MEDELLIN, Colombia – Representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank and civil society organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean discussed a wide range of issues at a meeting today, including infrastructure and the environment, accountability and the fight against poverty, among others.

The meeting is a follow-up to the 8th regional meeting between the IDB and civil society groups held in Montevideo, in October 2008. The Montevideo meeting generated a roadmap for the IDB-civil society dialogue.

The four-hour meeting was part of the ongoing Annual Meeting of the IDB in Medellín. The progress of 19 institutional commitments made by the IDB in Montevideo was reviewed. These included the contribution by civil society organizations toward the development of strategic environmental assessments and the identification of projects proposed by civil society groups in the Bank’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative.

Representatives from more than 40 organizations exchanged views with IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno and Vicepresident for Countries Roberto Vellutini, among other Bank officials.

Vellutini proposed setting up a task force to study the possibility of a technical assistance program to facilitate the transparency and accountability of the region’s civil society organizations.

Questions to Bank executives included issues such as the privatization of basic services, information disclosure by the Bank, the institution’s efforts to promote gender equality and the process undertaken by the Bank to increase its capital.