IDB reached one of the highest lending levels in its history

With a solid performance, IDB’s aggregate approvals amounted $14.25 billion in 2018.

In 2018, aggregate loan and guarantee approvals amounted to $14.25 billion, second highest level in IDB’s 60-year history. Net loan disbursements amounted to $4.4 billion, almost double than in 2017. While, borrowings increased to $89.9 billion, following the issuance of approximately $19 billion in bonds.

The organization reported a strong and stable leverage ratio at 2.9x (total debt to equity). Overall, IDB’s financial performance was in line with the Bank management’s expectations and market benchmarks. Thus, the IDB continues to be the largest source of multilateral financing for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“IDB posted a solid financial performance in 2018. The Bank’s overall risk and financial position remains strong, as evidenced by a high credit quality liquidity position and strong capitalization ratios. These results have allowed the Bank to preserve its lending capacity and achieve further price competitiveness to better serve our clients and meet our development objectives”, says Gustavo De Rosa, IDB’s CFO and General Manager of the Finance Department.

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