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Latin American economic prospects, investments to be discussed during IDB meeting

Top Latin American leaders, CEOs to attend IDB Annual Meeting in Calgary, Canada on March 25–28. Online media registration now available.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will hold its Annual Meeting in Calgary, Canada, from March 25 to 28, with the participation of top government authorities from the Bank’s 48 member countries, including several finance ministers and central banks chiefs.

The meeting will look at the economic challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the Bank’s future operations in the region. Participants will also examine the development challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean in key areas such as private sector investment, climate change, renewable energy, urban development and regional integration, among others. The IDB is the largest provider of multilateral development resources for Latin America and the Caribbean, with a focus on reducing poverty and inequality, and promoting sustainable growth.

Representatives of other multilateral financial institutions, development agencies, top energy companies and banks will also attend the gathering. The event marks the 52nd annual meeting of the IDB’s Board of Governors, where key decisions about the Bank’s future operations are made. Members of the press can register to the event and access a preliminary agenda for the event at the Annual Meeting's website.

On March 25–26, prior to the Board Meeting, a series of seminars will discuss global economic imbalances, the region’s economic and financial prospects, and current challenges, particularly related to investment in large infrastructure projects in the region and fostering sustainable urban development.

There will also be a day dedicated to the importance of sports and investing in young people, to be held at the University of Calgary.

Panelists for the seminars include:

  • Rick E. Waugh, President and CEO, Scotiabank
  • Enrique M. Pescarmona, President and CEO, IMPSA. Argentina
  • Carolyn Handlon, Executive Vice President and Global Treasurer, Marriott International Inc. USA
  • Avinash Vashistha, Chairman and CEO, Accenture, and founder of Tholons. India
  • Gesner Oliveira Filho, Professor, Getúlio Vargas Foundation
  • Mario Arana, Chairman of Polaris Energy Nicaragua and Director of Ram Power Corp.
  • Carlos Plass, CEO, Costa Rican Airport-AERIS SA. Costa Rica
  • Aaron Regent, President and CEO, Barrick Gold Corporation
  • Terhi Koipijärvi, Head of Global Responsibility, Stora Enso. Finland
  • Tensie Whelan, President, Rainforest Alliance. USA
  • Rick George, President and Chief Executive Officer, Suncor Energy. Canada
  • Beatriz Espinosa, General Manager for Energy Efficiency and Atmospheric Emissions, Petrobras. Brazil
  • Juan José Suárez Coppel, CEO and Director General, Petróleos Mexicanos. Mexico
  • Claudia Castellanos, Vice President of Supply and Marketing, Ecopetrol, Colombia
  • Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Jean Lemierre, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, BNP Paribas
  • Henrique Meirelles, Former President, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Charly Alberti, Argentine rock star, climate change advocate
  • Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary
  • Enrique Peñalosa, Former Mayor of Bogotá
  • Matteo Renzi, Mayor of Florence. Italy
  • Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro
  • Hiroshi Komiyama, President, Mitsubishi Research Institute
  • Orlando Ayala, Senior VP, Chairman, Emerging Markets & Chief Advisor to the COO, Microsoft Corporation
  • Hansuk Kim, Senior Executive Vice President & Head of Global Business BU, Korea Telecom (KT). Korea
  • Kentaro Toyama, Senior Researcher, School of Information, University of California, Berkeley. USA
  • Iñaki Urdangarín, Chairman, Telefónica Internacional. USA

All the seminars will be Webcast at the IDB’s web siteand the public will be able to send questions and comments about the topics of the seminars through the IDB’s Facebook and Twitter pages.