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IDB opens Human Resources Service Center in Costa Rica
The Inter-American Development Bank opened today its Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The center is the first IDB corporate-wide infrastructure placed in Latin America and the Caribbean and it will allow the Bank to increase its country focus by building organizational capability in its country offices.

The IDB, the biggest development lender in Latin America and the Caribbean, plans to expand its staff in the region to support its development activities.

“The HRSC will serve as a one-stop access point for human resource services for all Bank employees and will maximize the number of high quality services available on-line,” said Guillermo Miranda, General Manager of the IDB Human Resources Department.

In its first year the HRSC, along with the Human Resources Department at headquarters, will serve all 28 country offices in Latin America, the Caribbean, Japan, France. The following year, it will be opened up to the rest of the Bank.

The new center will allow the IDB to decentralize human resource services, provide better and timely services to country offices, improve internal communications as well as reduce costs, according to Miranda. As of December, the IDB had a staff of 1,936 people, with 29 percent of them currently working in the country offices. By 2015, the percentage of staff working in the country offices is expected to increase to 40 percent.

“We are proud to be selected as the HRSC site. Costa Rica has an educated and bilingual workforce. It also provides responsive IT communications and lower labor costs,” said Fernando Quevedo, the IDB Representative in Costa Rica. “We look forward to being an integral part of this new service delivery model that will contribute to increase the quality and efficiency of the Bank’s entire workforce.”

The IDB has partnered with Do Gestión de Talento (formerly Adecco) in Costa Rica to provide staffing services, a company with more than 10 years of experience providing an integral solution approach in human resources management.  

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