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Towards a Hemispheric Biofuels Market
Calling biofuels a “transformative opportunity” for Latin America and the Caribbean, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno detailed early this year a broad pipeline of investment projects and technical assistance programs designed to help the region’s countries reach renewable energy targets in a sustainable way.

Accordingly, the IDB commissioned  a comprehensive study of biofuels markets through 2020 titled “A Blueprint for Green Energy in the Americas,” by  Garten Rothkopf, an independent consultancy. The study was recently reviewed in Foreign Affairs, September/October 2007.

Foreign Affairs’s Richard Feinberg refers to "A Blueprint for Green Energy in the Americas" as a book that “masterfully amasses the most extensive survey of the ethanol and biodiesel markets available today.”

Feinberg’s review focus as follows:  Garten agrees that true energy security is found not in protected national production but rather in efficient international commodity markets with diverse consumers and producers. Yet in the new world of agro-energy, geography has dealt Latin America a potentially winning hand: "For the region, there is also an opportunity to buck historical precedent and position itself as a hub of technological innovation and value-added exports."  Garten Rothkopf serves up a wealth of creative recommendations to help Brazil and other feedstock producers build on their advantages to grow world-class biofuel clusters. A priceless (literally -- it is available for free on the IDB Web site) must-read, Blueprint's substantial executive summary is an accessible primer, while the following 600 pages of country surveys will satiate the alternative-energy enthusiasts.

The study aims at identifying opportunities in the emerging global biofuel industry in Brazil and the Americas more broadly. It surveys the development of biofuels in 50 countries worldwide and the trends shaping markets, policies, regulations, investment, and growth, offers strategic recommendations for building and maintaining competitive biofuels industries in the region.