MICI-BID-CH-2017-0115 - The Board of Executive Directors considers and supports the research report submitted by MICI.

On May 28, 2020, MICI submitted to the Board of Executive Directors the Compliance Review Report for the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Power Project in Chile. The Board of Executive Directors endorsed the 7 recommendations made by MICI and instructed Management to submit, within a maximum period of 30 days, an Action Plan to address them. [Read more]

MICI strengthens its virtual meetings to manage complaints during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the introduction of telework for all IDB Group employees, field missions have been postponed until the necessary conditions are met, without in any case implying a suspension of the management of ongoing complaints or paralysis of the processes. On the contrary, in the last two months dozens of virtual meetings have been held with the different interlocutors of each complaint, using multiple channels and platforms based on particular situations.


On March 20, 2020, the MICI Director determined that the Request is eligible as it does meet the eligibility criteria established in the MICI Policy. For more information, access the registry file.


Jean-Roger Mercier, MICI's independent expert, dies

The expert in environmental and social sustainability, Jean-Roger Mercier, member of the Roster of independent experts of MICI's Verification Compliance Phase, passed away on July 5, at the age of 74. Jean-Roger was currently part of the Compliance Review Panel in charge of the MICI investigation of the Hydroelectric Projects Generadora San Mateo S.A. and Generadora San Andrés S.A., in Guatemala (MICI-CII-GU-2018-0136).

Appointment of the MICI Acting Director and start of the recruitment process for a new Director

The Board of Executive Directors of the IDB has started the process of recruiting a new Director of the MICI after the end of the mandate of the Director of the MICI, Victoria Márquez-Mees, who assumed a new position in the accountability mechanism of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The competitive selection process will last several months, wherefore the Board has appointed Arantxa Villanueva Hermida as Acting Director from 1 July 2020 and until the time the new Director takes office.

Selection process for the next MICI Director

The Board of Executive Directors of the IDB started the process of recruiting a new Director of the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism