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The IDB Group is the leading source of financing for Latin America and the Caribbean and works to improve lives. But development projects sometimes have unintended negative impacts. When that happens, MICI is here to work with all parties to remedy the situation, either through our dispute resolution process or through a compliance investigation. We also draw lessons learned from the cases to keep mistakes from being repeated and to improve the design and execution of future projects.

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We work with you to make development better

  • MICI listens to the environmental and social concerns of communities and seeks solutions to help ensure that IDB Group projects have a positive impact.
  • We are an IDB Group office, independent of Bank management, that offers a dispute resolution process and an independent investigation for people who feel they may be harmed by the operations that the Group finances.
  • We have reached satisfactory agreements in 63% of the cases in which a dialogue process was possible.
  • Our investigations have helped to change the Bank’s operational policies, improving its environmental and social standards.
  • Through our investigations and agreements between the parties, we generate lessons learned that foster institutional change and enhance the environmental and social sustainability of the IDB Group.

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MICI by the numbers

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MICI-CII-UR-2022-0199 - Tacuarembó-Salto Green Transmission Line — Request II - MICI determined that the request is eligible

On December 13, 2022, MICI determined that the Request is eligible as it does meet the eligibility criteria established in the MICI Policy. The Request was transferred to the Consultation Phase as per the decision of the Requesters. For more information, access the registry file.

MICI-BID-BR-2022-0196 - National Tourism Development Program in Bahia (PRODETUR National-Bahia) - MICI determined that the request is not eligible

On November 29, 2022, MICI determined that the Request is not eligible as it does not meet the eligibility criteria established in the MICI Policy. For more information, access the registry file.

MICI-BID-CH-2017-0115 - MICI concludes the monitoring of the action plan regarding the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Power Project

MICI has concluded the management of the complaint referred to the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project, in Chile, with the publication of the monitoring and closure report, on November 18, 2022. The report shows that 12 of the 21 actions of the Management 's plan have been fulfilled, while seven are in the process of being complied with, and two others do not present reported progress.


MICI forms the second generation of the External Consultative Group

The second generation of MICI's External Consultative Group (GCE, for its acronym in Spanish) has been formed with a group of six professional experts who will advise the Mechanism on a pro-bono and non-binding basis. The GCE was formed with the objective of strengthening the performance of MICI and increasing the quality of its work in the Region.

MICI participates in the XIX Annual Meeting of Accountability Mechanisms

MICI has participated in the XIX Annual Meeting of the IAMnet, formed by 23 independent accountability mechanisms of international financial institutions. More than 120 representatives participated in the meeting in a hybrid format, virtually and face-to-face from New York . In addition, more than 50 representatives of Civil Society Organizations also participated in a day of joint sessions.

MICI opens a new communications consultant position

MICI is seeking a professional with a background in Communications to support the implementation of its communication, learning, and outreach strategy. Candidates must apply by October 16th.