MICI offers two options: dispute resolution (Consultation Phase) and compliance investigation (Compliance Review Phase) to address potential environmental and social harm resulting from IDB Group projects.

What MICI can do:

  • Give communities a voice and help make their concerns known and heard by the IDB Group.
  • Create a safe space to seek solutions through dialogue between the parties.
  • Conduct a formal investigation into compliance with standards.
  • Recommend measures to redress any harm caused by the Bank’s failure to comply with its obligations.
  • Analyze the cases managed to derive lessons learned to help prevent the repetition of mistakes and to bring about institutional changes that strengthen the commitment of the IDB Group to socially and environmentally sustainable development.

What MICI cannot do:

  • Halt or suspend the project.
  • Offer compensation to complainants.

We manage all the complaints that we receive through a systematic, predictable process defined in our policies to ensure our impartiality.