Do you believe you have been harmed by an IDB Group project? These three steps will guide you in filing your complaint with MICI.

  1. Answer these questions to confirm that MICI is the right channel for submitting your complaint.


  1. Review the exclusions and requirements in paragraphs 19 and 22 of the MICI policy. You can use this list (checklist) to review these basic criteria:
  • The complainants must be two or more persons who may be affected by a project, and they must be residents of the country where it is being implemented.
  • The complaint is not anonymous, and it provides the names and contact information of all complainants. If a representative is supporting the complainants, he or she must have the written authorization of all the complainants.
  • The alleged harm is related to an IDB Group-financed project already approved by the Board of Directors. If more than 24 months have passed since the Bank’s last disbursement, the complaint will not be eligible.
  1. Send your complaint in writing, in any language of Latin America and the Caribbean. Although there is no predefined format, you can use this sample letter as a guide. You can send it by email, mail, or fax, addressed to the director of MICI. Our contact information is:


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