Railroad General Roca Improvement Program - Constitución - La Plata Line

Country: Argentina

Reception date: June, 12 2019

Current Status: Open



Summary of the Request

The Requesters allege potential impacts on their safety; health; the environment and the cultural heritage of the city of La Plata linked to the Project construction works. The Requesters specifically describe:

. Possible risks to their safety and physical integrity caused by the construction of a road-return over a gas line main pipe that supplies the city of La Plata. They allege that the changes to the automobile flow linked to the Project could cause gas leaks and, consequently, a possible accident. Likewise, the Requesters warn that the Project includes plans to cut the pedestrian crossing to three primary schools, a kindergarten, a first aid room and a police station putting at risk the community that transits and resides in that area.

. Possible environmental impacts caused by excessive deforestation, which would increase air pollution and could cause flooding in low-lying areas of the city.

. Possible impacts to the National Historical Public Heritage, by modifying the planned layout of the city.

. In reference to non-compliance with the Operational Policies, the Requesters allege that the environmental impact study is incomplete since it does not include all the social, legal and environmental aspects of the Project. Also, they mention that the Project did not include any risk mitigation plans.

Finally, the Request alleges a lack of relevant information about the Project and deficient public consultations with the impacted population.

Recent actions

On October 11, 2019 MICI published the Consultation Phase Assessment Report. The document determines that conditions are favorable for initiating a dispute resolution process facilitated by MICI.

Past actions

On June 18, 2019, MICI granted the Requesters a maximum period of 10 business days to submit the information required to continue processing the Request (paragraph 20 of the MICI Policy). The deadline is July 2, 2019.

On June 24, 2019, MICI notified the Requesters and Bank Management of the registration of the Request.

On August 23, MICI determined that the Request was eligible because it met all the eligibility criteria established in the MICI Policy.  Based on the eligibility analysis, the following issues are excluded from a MICI  process: i) allegations of corruption
since its consideration corresponds to the Bank's Office of Institutional Integrity (OII); and ii)
allegations regarding compliance with national norms for being subject to an active judicial process. 

This determination of eligibility is not an assessment of the merits of the Request or of the issues contained therein. It also does not represent an approval to investigate the compliance or non-compliance of the Bank with its Relevant Operational Policies.

The Request was transferred to the Consultation Phase following the request of the Requesters.

Project Number:


Project Name:

Railroad Gral Roca Improvement Program - Constitución - La Plata Line



Project Type:

Loan Operation

IDB Financing:

USD 300,000,000

In process
Consultation Process
Recommendation for a CR and ToRs
CR Report


Consultation Phase (CP)

Compliance Review Phase (CRP)

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Request Receipt


Requests of a confidential nature are not published.


Notice of Registration


5 business days from the date of receipt of the Request or 15 business days when further information is required from the Requesters


Management Response


21 business days from the date of notice of registration. The response will be published as an annex to the Eligibility Memorandum.


Eligibility due date


21 business days from the date of receipt of Management Response or 45 business days after the Suspension is granted.


Eligibility Memorandum Public Disclosure


As per the Access to Information Policy (OP-102) the disclosure of this document is done simultaneous to its distribution to the Board of Executive Directors. 
Consultation phase


Deadline for Assessment


40 business days from the date of issuance of the eligibility memorandum.


Assessment Report Public Disclosure


As per the Access to Information Policy (OP-102) the disclosure of this document is done simultaneous to its distribution to the Board of Executive Directors.