MICI-BID-HA-2017-0114 - MICI begins monitoring the agreement on the Caracol Industrial Park project

MICI began monitoring the implementation of the agreement on corrective measures related to the Caracol Industrial Park (PIC) request, in Haiti, after IDB Board’s non-objection to MICI’s proposal. The agreement includes a series of measures to restore the means of subsistence of the people impacted by the industrial park. (Read more)

MICI-BID-CH-2017-0115 - New MICI's mission within the framework of the Compliance investigation for the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project, in Chile

MICI carried out a mission to Chile as part of the ongoing investigation process related to the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project (case MICI-BID-CH-2017-0115), from December 1 to 9, 2018. During this mission, MICI held meetings with the communities impacted by the Project, including those who presented the claim before MICI, company officials responsible for the Project, consultants, and officials from various ministries. (Read more.)

MICI-BID-HA-2017-0114- A dialogue process facilitated by MICI culminates in an Agreement for the claim of the Haiti Caracol Industrial Park project

The Technical Execution Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (UTE), the representatives of 422 farming families of Requesters from communities near Caracol; and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) project team signed an agreement with corrective measures to restore the means of subsistence for people affected by the Caracol Industrial Park (PIC), as a result of the IDB's Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) Consultation Phase process.

MICI-BID-CR-2017-0125- Reventazón Hydroelectric Power Project - The parties agree on a joint Work Plan.

On August 30, 018, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the Requesters and IDB Management agreed on a work plan that operationalizes the commitments signed on April 12, during MICI’s Consultation Phase Process. The work plan was the result of a day of joint reflection among the Parties, facilitated by the MICI team. This document details the general conditions and other technical aspects of the construction works aimed at restoring access to water for animal troughs and irrigation for the property owned by the Requesters. This document also contains an estimated schedule of activities that must be carried out by all Parties to the process. The MICI will continue accompanying the Parties during the implementation of the Agreement and during the execution of the work plan.

MICI-CII-GU-2018-0136 - "Generadora San Mateo S.A." and "Generadora San Andrés S.A." - New complaint received.

On August 6, 2018, the MICI received a complaint related to two projects financed by IDB Invest: "Generadora San Mateo SA" (GU3794A-01) and "Generadora San Andrés SA" (GU3798A-01) from residents of Northern Guatemala. This complaint was registered on August 13, 2018. For more information, access the registry file.

MICI- BID-PE-2018-0134- Isolated Indigenous Peoples Reservations Regularization Project- New Complaint received.

On June 11, 2018, MICI received a complaint related to two technical cooperations financed by the IDB: “Isolated Indigenous Peoples Reservations Regularization Project” (PE-T1258) and “Isolated Indigenous Peoples Reservations Regularization” (PE-T1276) from the Inter-ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon (AIDESEP) representing the Peoples in Isolation and Initial Contact (PIIC). This complaint was registered on June 18th. For further information, access the Registry File.

MICI-BID-CH-2017-115 – Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project- Approval to carry out a Compliance Review

On May 30, 2018, the IDB Board of Executive Directors approved the Recommendation and Terms of Reference for a Compliance Review regarding the “Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Proyect” (CH-L1067). The investigation will start once the two experts who will form the Compliance Review Panel are selected. Throughout the investigation, MICI will coordinate closely with the Independent Accountability Mechanism of the IFC (CAO). For more information, access the Registry File.

MICI-CII-CO-2018-0133- Ituango Hydropower Plant Project – New complaint received.

On June 5, 2018, MICI received a complaint related to the "Ituango Hydropower Plant Project" (11794-04) from the representative of the Requesters. This complaint was registered on June 11, which initiates the process of eligibility. For more information, access the Registry File.

MICI-BID-EC-2018-0131 - Program for the Reconstruction of Electricity Infrastructure in Areas Affected by the Earthquake in Ecuador - (EC-L1219) – Suspension to the Eligibility process, to make corrections to the Project.

On May 30, 2018, Management sent its response and asked the MICI for a temporary suspension of the eligibility process for a 45 business day period, as provided in the MICI Policy. This deadline will allow a series of corrective actions to the Project which were included in an Action Plan and a Work Schedule. The MICI granted the suspension, which expires on August 2, 2018.

MICI-BID-CR-2017-0125 - Reventazon Hydroelectric Project- Request V (Costa Rica)- An agreement is reached in the Consultation Phase and the monitoring stage begins.

As a result of a series of dialogues and analysis facilitated by MICI, on April 12, 2018, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the Requesters and the Administration of the IDB Group reached an agreement to provide a comprehensive solution that allows the restoration of access to water for animal troughs and irrigation of the Requester’s property. The MICI prepared the Assessment and Consultation Phase Report of this case, in which the actions and results of the process are highlighted. As part of this Report, a Follow-up Plan prepared with the Parties was presented to the Board of Executive Directors for consideration and was approved on June 4. With this, the monitoring stage of the agreements begins. The parties have agreed to keep the final agreement, as well as other documents and studies used during the process, as confidential. For this reason, the Report presents only a summary.