The MICI operates independently of IDB Group Management (departments responsible for the design and financing of the project of each institution, including the staff members of each country office), and reports directly to the Boards of Executive Directors of the IDB and the IDB Invest, and to the Donors Committee of the IDB LAB.

The office operates under the leadership of the MICI Director, who is selected by the IDB’s Board of Executive Directors and to whom he/she reports directly. The Director’s duties and powers are established in the MICI-IDB Policy and the terms of reference for the position are annexed to it. While providing services to the IDB Invest, his/her duties and powers are outlined in the MICI-IDB Invest Policy.

MICI governance is structured around its dual phase processes, and the MICI Director is assisted by two Phase Coordinators responsible for managing each process:

  • the Consultation Phase Coordinator
  • the Compliance Review Phase Coordinator

In order to ensure the independence of these three MICI managers from IDB Group Management, there are special employment conditions for these positions: 

  • The MICI Director is appointed by the IDB’s Board of Executive Directors for a period of five years, which may be renewed for one additional five-year period.
  • The Phase Coordinators are appointed by the MICI Director and may serve for up to five years.
  • Any IDB Group staff member wishing to serve in these positions may not work at MICI until three (3) years have elapsed since the end of their employment with the Group.
  • Upon completion of their service to the MICI, persons who have served as MICI Director, Compliance Review Phase Coordinator, or Consultation Phase Coordinator cannot work at the IDB Group in any capacity.

The MICI team also has a number of staff members and consultants with diverse nationalities and areas of expertise, including the specialists on the Roster of Experts, who contribute within their different roles to implement MICI’s mandate in keeping with the principles of impartiality, transparency, efficiency, and credibility.


Mexican economist with an extensive international career in the philanthropic and social sectors at both, public and private institutions. Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. Read more

Argentine lawyer, specialized in dialogue, conflict prevention and conflict management. Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese Read more

Spanish attorney with extensive experience in the field of international law and human rights. Languages: Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese. Read more

Mexican, with professional experience in human rights, environmental law, infrastructure projects and development. Languages: Spanish, English. Read more

Colombian citizen, specializing in Latin American Studies and in subjects related to human rights. Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese Read more

Colombian citizen, with experience in policy formulation and the management of human rights and citizen participation projects. Languages: Spanish, English and French. Read more

Argentinian, with experience in conflict resolution and public policy, developed through his work with civil society organizations and the public sector. Languages: Spanish and English. Read more

German citizen with experience in sustainable development in both, the private and non-profit sectors. Languages: Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese. Read more

Mexican citizen, with experience in both the private and public sectors in Mexico, with a focus in the aviation industry and social communications. Languages: Spanish and English. Read more

Mexican citizen, with experience in international development projects focusing on civil society and human rights. Languages: Spanish, English and French. Read more

Mexican citizen with extensive experience in the administrative field and on issues concerning the operation of the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors. Languages: Spanish and English Read more

Peruvian citizen, with international experience in development as well as communications and audiovisual media project management. Languages: Spanish and English. Read more

Mexican citizen, specialized in strategic communications, public relations and innovation. Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. Read more

Our people
MICI Director Victoria Márquez Mees
Consultation Phase Coordinator Gastón Aín Bilbao
Coordinator, Compliance Review Phase Arantxa Villanueva
Case Officer, Compliance Review Phase Pedro León
Case Assistant, Compliance Review Phase Raquel Gómez Fernández
Case Officer, Consultation Phase Maria Camila Barriga
Case Officer, Consultation Phase Martin Packmann
Senior Specialist Eva Heiss
Registration Officer Esteban Tovar
Registration Consultant Isabel Berdeja
Senior Office Support and Administrative Assistant Rebeca García
Senior Outreach & Communications Officer Rosario Lino
Senior Communications Officer Carmelina Perea



For case management, we rely on external experts that are tailored to the specific needs of each case. We have a pre-identified Roster of independent experts for both Consultation and Compliance Review.


The Consultation Phase relies on experts to facilitate dialogue and alternative dispute resolution processes, when the cases processed in this Phase so require. Maintaining the principles of impartial and fair treatment of the parties involved in a process, the facilitation experts direct and / or help the technical and substantial work aimed at the design, implementation, facilitation and systematization of processes within the Phase.

For this, it has constituted a Roster of experts:

Consultation phase Roster of experts

  • Vladimir Aguilar
  • Sylvia Aguilera
  • Fernando Aramayo
  • Rodrigo Arce
  • Patricia Arechaga
  • Carcius Azevedo
  • Antonio Bernales
  • Ana Bourse
  • Ana Cabria
  • Mitzy Canessa
  • Javier Caravedo
  • Mirna Cuentas
  • Elena Diez Pinto



  • Juan Dumas
  • Camilo Duplat
  • María del Rosario Espinosa
  • Luis Fallas
  • Bruno Gomes
  • Nicolas Gonzalez
  • Giselle Huamani
  • Maria Clara Jaramillo
  • Ivan Lanegra
  • Bautista Logioco
  • Pablo Lumerman
  • Cristina Martin
  • Barbara Oliveira



  • Jared Ordway
  • Luis Oré
  • Ivan Ormachea
  • Jorge Oroxon
  • Julian Portilla
  • Mery Rodriguez
  • Cesar Rojas
  • Manuel Salamanca
  • Eliana Spadoni
  • Graciela Tapia
  • Katherine Torres
  • Susan Wildau
  • Yoriko Yasukawa


The Compliance Review Phase investigates if the IDB Group has complied with its Operational Policies. To this end, the Phase has a Roster of independent technical experts who contribute substantively, objectively and impartially to the investigations on a variety of social, environmental and transparency problems. 

For this objective the experts constitute a Compliance Review Panel comprised by the Coordinator of the Compliance Review Phase, who acts as Panel Chair, and two independent technical experts selected ad hoc.

The roster of experts of the Compliance Review Phase is currently under renewal.