Aligned and committed to the IDB’s Vision 2025, the SEALC Network provides its members with a space for the creation and promotion of open knowledge in the region. This space is designed to share information on the latest activities of the SEALC Network, information capsules, interviews, launches, and other audiovisual materials that are of interest to our members.


The SEALC Network became an IDB regional public good in 2019, an opportunity to strengthen the initiative by reviewing its operation. At the same time, the first Steering Committee was created to help with the follow-up and fulfillment of the activities proposed by the Network to support and strengthen the PES in the region. 



Labour Migration: Opportunity or Threat?

Latin American public employment services are called upon to play a key role as managers of international labor migration. What can we learn from the experience of developed countries?



Why Should Public Employment Services and the Productive Sector Work Together?

Experts from various Latin American countries comment on the need for developing an alliance between public employment services and the productive sector.



Labor Migration as an Engine of Development

We converse with the experts in international labor migration Iván Martín and Miguel Peromingo about the so-called "Triple Victory of Labor Mobility" and the role of the public employment services to promote legal, orderly mobility that contributes to the most strategic sectors.