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As a result of its work in the region, the SEALC Network develops information products in collaboration with international experts and specialists from its member countries to share useful knowledge that contributes to the strengthening of employment services. In this section, Technical Assistance reports resulting from projects supported by the Network may be found along with technical notes and practical guides, among other informative documents. We invite you to review the documents below.


The World of Public Employment Services 

This publication provides a wide range of indicators to compare the operational and institutional characteristics of 73 public employment services in 71 countries around the world. This report was prepared jointly by the teams of the IDB’s Labor Markets Division, the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES), and the Local Economic and Employment Development Program of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (LEED/OECD).


New Employment Technologies

This technical note highlights how implementing a strategic vision at a high-level of design makes it possible to establish systems in phases and modules, and to better organize the options provided by public employment services, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. This publication is expected to contribute to aiding decision-makers, as well as managers and officials in charge of employment policies to fully appreciate the benefits of implementing a wide-ranging digital transformation in labor intermediation institutions.