La fuerza laboral del Perú

The labor force in Peru



Peru is a country of mining. According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peruvian mining represented almost 10% of the national GDP in 2018. The industry itself estimates that, in the next ten years alone, this sector will require 46,000 new workers. According to the study Fuerza laboral minería del Perú, published by the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy in collaboration with the IDB, companies in the sector have identified more than 60 skills that will be part of their new staff needs.



The agro-export sector is experiencing a boom in Peru. In 2018, Peruvian agricultural exports registered a record with a 12% growth, equivalent to US $ 6,647 million, thanks to the increase in the tons of fruits and vegetables that were exported. This labor-intensive industry has generated more than 400,000 formal direct jobs (and around 900,000 indirect ones) in the last decade, according to the Association of Agricultural Producers of Peru (AGAP, in Spanish).



In 2018, more than 4 million foreign tourists arrived in Peru, approximately doubling those who visited the country ten years before (2.1 million). This sustained growth, and the advance of national tourism, has led to the creation of new businesses and more jobs, making the tourist industry already the third sector in terms of employment.