Impacto de automatización en el empleo y salario

The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean: What is the impact of automation on employment and wages?


Until recently, Latin America and the Caribbean had been left out of the debate about the profound changes that the global labor market is experiencing due to the incorporation of robotics and artificial intelligence. One of the main reasons is that, at least until before the COVID-19 pandemic, technology adoption in our countries had been relatively slow. However, the new technologies adopted in developed countries are already impacting our labor markets. This sixth issue of the series The future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean explores how international trade is transmitting the effects of this phenomenon to our region.

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Introduction: What's The Future of Work in Latin America and the Caribbean series about?

Marcelo Cabrol, Manager of the Social Sector at the IDB, introduces our series of interactive notes in this audio.

Audio 1: The impact of automation in the global value chain

Laura Ripani, Chief of the IDB Labor Markets Division, talks with Christian Volpe, Principal Economist at the IDB Trade and Integration Sector, about the implications of the growing robot penetration in developed countries.