The Sanctions Committee

The Sanctions Committee is the second and final instance of the Sanction System’s adjudication process. The Sanctions Committee decides the appeals presented by the Respondents against the Determinations issued by the Sanctions Officer.



The Respondent must submit the Appeal to the Secretariat of the Sanctions Committee within 45 days from the date of the delivery of the Determination. The Executive Secretary receives all submitted documentation and notifies the Respondents on behalf of the Sanctions Committee.

The Sanctions Committee determines if the preponderance of the evidence supports a finding that the evidence contained in the record and submitted by the Respondent in the Appeal, is sufficient to conclude that the Respondent engaged in a Prohibited Practice.

If the Committee decides that the Respondent engaged in a Prohibited Practice, the Sanctions Committee issues a Decision summarizing its findings and imposing a sanction on the Respondent. The Sanctions Committee is not bound by the sanction imposed by the Sanctions Officer. It may increase or reduce the sanction or, determine that no sanction should be imposed. If the Committee decides that no sanction should be imposed, a Decision dismissing the allegations and terminating the associated sanctions proceeding is issued.

The Sanctions Committee decisions are final and shall take effect immediately. Exceptionally, a sanctioned Respondent may request that the matter be reopened for reconsideration only on the basis of newly discovered facts, which by due diligence, could not have been discovered prior to the issuance of the Determination or Decision, as defined in Section 8.7 of the Sanctions Procedures.


The sanctions imposed by the Sanctions Committee, the Sanctions Officer and Negotiated Resolution Agreements are published by the Sanctions Committee in the List of Sanctioned Firms and Individuals. Additionally, this list includes firms and individuals sanctioned by the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the World Bank, in accordance with the Cross Debarment Agreement.


The Sanctions Committee is composed of three IDB staff members, four external members, and an alternate member of the Inter-American Investment Corporation- IDB Invest. IDB Invest offers financing in the form of loans, equity investments, and guarantees.



The Secretariat of the Sanctions Committee
Inter-American Development Bank Group
1300 New York Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20577, U.S.A.