Improving lives

Improving Lives

No más noches oscuras

A project supported by the IDB brought a secure and constant supply of electricity for the first time to Gualajo, a Colombian village just 34 kilometers from the border with Ecuador.


Sexperto is a digital platform that answers questions about sex to prevent teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. In 2018, it won the prestigious MIT Solve award.  


Toward the inclusive

Through his art, Haitian-American Charles Jean-Pierre explores displacement, inclusion and identity in his life and his community. His work was among those featured in the IDB exhibit “A City of Questions.”


Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile have enviable supplies of lithium – and the potential to develop an industry that not only creates jobs, but that can be sustainable and environmentally friendly, too.

The Female

Latin American literature is experiencing a new, women-led period of international success. Could creativity and entrepreneurship revive the region’s publishing industry and help cultural development?


Companies need digital talent to compete in today’s economy. Can the bootcamp model give Latin America and the Carribean a competitive edge?


Behind every project we finance is the quiet, critical work of our Office of Institutional Integrity. Learn how it helps bring transparency to complex development work.

La empresa comunitaria

The Mexican company Ejido Verde is renovating the historic pine resin industry, detonating productivity and the generation of community jobs, while positioning itself at the forefront of climate change mitigation.

Meet the Costa Rican

Since 2016, IDB Lab has supported the Monge Foundation to design innovations to integrate young people from vulnerable communities into the labor market. Some of the young beneficiaries were so successful that the UN invited them to speak in one of its forums.