Improving lives

Improving Lives

Caribe enfrentando el coronavirus

The public health crisis aside, the Caribbean faces daunting economic prospects as a result of the pandemic. Quick adaptation to the new realities and innovative solutions are required.

Aprendizaje en linea

While the future of their work and their lives is uncertain, these individuals are using digital connectivity and resources to learn from home.

Como protegernos del covid?

Doctors and nurses are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, but in a different way, waste collectors are as well, providing an essential service to combat the spread.


Designer Anya Ayoung-Chee uses her star power to pave the way for entrepreneurial success and the growth of cultural and creative industries in the Caribbean. 

25 años de lucha

An action platform to achieve gender equality was created 25 years ago at the Fourth World Conference of Women in Beijing. Today its participants share the balance of achievements, pending challenges, and the road that remains to be traveled.


Carnivals in Latin America and the Caribbean are an expression of the enormous potential of the creative industries, and these dazzling events hold the potential to improve lives in the region.

Inclusión financiera en tu pais

In this ranking on financial inclusion, the four countries with the best scores are in Latin America. 

No more flooding

You don’t think about floods living in the middle of the city until the water is, literally, coming into your house. That was the reality for thousands in Montevideo until the city decided to upgrade its sanitation network.

How Asis could

According to a our new publication, trade between Asia and Latin America could significantly increase by 41% and 28%, respectively.