Improving lives

Improving Lives

El dia que la luz llegó

Over 100 isolated communities in Surinam had only intermittent electricity, mostly from polluting generators. An IDB-financed electrification program brought 24-hour access to energy and light, transforming their quality of life.

Bono de supervivencia

For the millions living day to day across the region, the coronavirus presents an especially bleak reality. What policies can help carry them through the crisis?

Historia de desarrollo

The pandemic is an unprecedented test for Latin America and the Caribbean. And yet, its people are accustomed to fighting for progress in the face of daunting odds. Discover the achievements we’ve supported in recent years and the hope they can offer for tomorrow. 

Reflejo de Inclusión

On International Afro-Latin and Afro-Caribbean Women's Day, we share stories of impediments and progress on the journey toward inclusion and equality. 


This is the story of two women who are making sure the show goes on. Learn how, in Chile and Argentina, they are reactivating the performing arts and finding new forms of expression during the pandemic.

Water or electricity

Ready access to water and electricity is essential to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, prevent coronavirus from spreading, and save lives. How are countries in the region doing it?

Turning Trash

Millions of tons of sargassum murky the Caribbean coast each year, harming communities and tourism. In Jamaica, an entrepreneur is turning this waste into an opportunity for growth and innovation.


Guatemala is the world’s largest producer of “the queen of spices” – and a sustainable production model may be the key ingredient.

Respuestas digitales contra el Covid

In Latin America and the Caribbean, several governments are successfully deploying digital tools to mitigate the public-health crisis of the coronavirus.